International Journal of Natural Disasters, Accidents and Civil Infrastructure

The scope of this publication covers engineering systems that provide support and help in the design of civil infrastructure, and to the natural disasters and accidents caused by humans which may affect the infrastructure. The journal emphasizes contributions that address one or more of the areas identified in the title. The term infrastructure refers here to the physical facilities which allow moving or storing products, raw materials, water, solid waste, energy, information, or people. This includes bridges, ports, canals, airports, railroads, systems of urban traffic, roads, lifelines, energy transportation, pipelines, dams, water treatment plants, tanks, silos, and others. Emphasis on natural disasters is placed on hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, floods, drafts, fires, landslides, and others. The journal also deals with man-made accidents, such as design or construction errors, explosions, impacts with vehicles, and others.

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