Every Day Counts


      The Every Day Counts (EDC) program is an initiative conceived by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) designed to identify and deploy the latest technological innovation aimed at shortening project delivery, enhancing the safety of our roadways, and protecting the environment. EDC was designed to focus on a finite set of initiatives. Teams from the Federal Highway Administration work with state, local, and industry partners to deploy the initiatives and will develop performance measures to gauge their success.

      The former Office of the Federal Highway Administrator, Victor M. Méndez parlayed his lifelong interest in innovation and technology into launching the Every Day Counts (EDC) initiative. He launched EDC early in his tenure – November 2009 – and identified three areas for initial focus: Shortening Project Delivery, Accelerating Technology and Innovation Deployment, and FHWA’s Going Greener initiative, which is focused on how the Agency can improve the environment through internal operations. EDC gives states a range of tools to streamline construction projects and make them more cost-effective – all while drawing upon new and established technologies and working within current legal requirements. For more information about EDC, go to the FHWA's portal: https://www.fhwa.dot.gov/innovation/everydaycounts/.

A few words from the former FHWA administrator, Victor Mendez:



Every Day Counts Exchange is a new outreach and training communication tool designed to connect transportation officials with each other, the Federal Highway Administration, the Department of Transportation and other stakeholders involved in the EDC initiatives.

EDC- Exchange are a regularly scheduled series of “dynamic webinars”, that will provide a face to face learning sessions and will describe effective project development and delivery practices, tools and “market ready” technologies that transportation agencies may use or implement in their programs or projects.