Build a Better Mousetrap (BABM)

It’s a National Recognition program that acknowledges transportation innovative solutions for challenges that local transportation workers encounter. These innovations can range from the development of tools and equipment modifications to the implementation of new processes that increase safety, reduce cost, and improve the efficiency of our transportation system. The innovation can be submitted under one of the four categories:

  • Innovative Project – Solution that addresses any or all phase(s) of the ‘project’ life cycle – Planning, Design/Engineering, Construction, Operations, and Maintenance. This project shall introduce new ideas and is locally relevant, original, and creative in thinking.
  • Bold Steps– Any locally relevant high-risk project or process showing a breakthrough solution with demonstrated high reward.
  • Smart Transformation– A locally relevant significant change in any transportation activity or process that is SMART “Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound” in nature that results in improved efficiencies.
  • Pioneer– A locally relevant product/tool that is among the first to solve a maintenance problem with a home-grown solution.

2023 Puerto Rico BABM Competition

2022 Puerto Rico BABM Winners

2022 BABM National Winners